Pond & lake construction, desilting & dredging

Full construction of ponds and lakes from design down to earthworks and liner installation, pier and jetty construction.

Full clean out of silted up lakes and ponds in sensitive areas using the appropriate LGP machinery, minimising disturbance and disruption to the surrounding environment.

Full site clearance, top soil strip and muck away service including site enabling

As a Contractor, we can do the initial site vegetation and soil strip and organise wagons for muck away, dig in services.

We also carry out any cut and fill operations and any size earthmoving projects.

Reduced dig and stone preparation

Using experienced operators and plant we can use laser level equipment to dig and stone up to required levels.

Drainage & groundworks preparation

Using skilled and experienced operators we can provide machinery to support ground working teams and or act as a sub-contractor supplying plant and operators.

We can on various construction sites, and complete field drainage on a small scale from ditching, and sub base preparation for concrete.


We have the experience to help with any large or small landscape projects and field reinstatement, with cultivations and seed bed preparation and establishment to tree planting, path construction and edging, gabion basket walls and golf course construction using tilt bucket attachments mounted on excavators.

Road & track construction

Track & path maintenance from filling in potholes to a full re surface service and re profiling of existing track.

All materials can be supplied to any size job.

Pump tracks

Working in conjunction with Wetherby Bike Trails and local volunteers we recently completed work on a kids pump track.

For more information click here.

Ditch maintenance

Ditch flail mowing, to full re-profiling of existing ditch and hedge trimming, new ditch construction to outfall using v-profile bucket excavation, all helps to keep the land drained and the water flowing!